Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Reluctant

From the first writing exercise from The 3 A.M. Epiphany.

    Pretty dresses fumble through the fingers of the little girl until she finally finds the perfect outfit for the doll. All the other dolls and action figures watch with open, unwilling eyes as the fantasy-prone child clips on the last button on Helena. They wish they could be held on and changed as she was, but I like to sit in the car and admire the different scenes the children play.
    Just last week, Judith, the little girl, made a dramatic scene between Greg as the cheating husband and Rose as the victim of the whole thing. And not just a few hours ago, did she had the local dog, Smitty, just viciously attack Pam, the elderly woman of the town, as she was riding her bicycle.
    But all these actions, we have no say in them what so ever. All we can do is just go along with the scene. At times, the locals get tired and at night, gather together at the mansion to plan some type of guerrilla force of action. And every time they plan, something go wrong and it falls apart. But they still plan. Just in case. Even if the situation for them to use it has came up. So they wait.
    Today, Helena drives around town and waves at all the people in the surrounding area. Almost all the women hate Helena because she does most the work in the community only because Judith thinks she is the "prettiest". Some take it to heart, and pretend as if Judith is the one who has the final word in every thing, even if she literally really does.
    As Helena drives, around the corner Jackson, Helena's manufacturer brother, is walking to the store for some groceries or something that is irrelevant to the scene. He didn't mind, he really needed a new pack of cigarettes.
Take into consideration that in order for a child to fully understand an even, they have to see it from many different angles and directions. If she knew that her toys act ually felt and were alive, she wouldn't do what she is about to attempt. It's like those slow car wrecks you can't help to look at, even if you don't want to. And as you view it in your own eyes, the speed of time is decreased at least one hundred times slower than normal. Imagine that happening to you over and over again.
    Luckily, Judith has a heart and decided to have a hospital set up on the top of her bed. The town's physician, Angela, was sitting at her desk when all of the sudden, she sensed "danger" and called the ambulance to the scene. Now talk about your superhero. It's hard to discover exactly how Angela knew about the accident and how bad it was; but then again, it's Judith's imagination running wild as she sets up this chaotic layout. Helena had enough time to talk to Jackson and apologize for not being careful. He reassured her everything was alright and that it was not her fault.
    By the time the paramedics showed up at the scene, Helena recollected her brother's left leg and both arms from the street. A couple near by just watch in horror as Helena carried Jackson's appendages.

545 words.

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